"Firing up your employees before a daylong sales meeting is child's play when Tom Cruise, er, I mean Evan Ferrante is your opening act. One moment he had 200 sales associates rolling in the aisles, the next they were on their feet in a standing ovation. If you have the need for speed, and an amazing entertainer who brings 100% to every performance, hire Evan Ferrante immediately. He'll complete you."

- Chris Giudice, Regional Manager, Icon Estates

"Evan is not only a gifted comedic talent, he's also the consummate professional. He's sharp, quick-to-perform and nails it every time. TL;DR version - Hire him now."


"Evan did a fantastic job for RealRider. Us Brits are a cynical lot but Evan took it all in his stride and was so convincing he even managed to to get hardened bikers to do double takes. His professionalism was second to none and his work with us really helped to create buzz of excitements around our product and elevate our social media. " 

Zoe Farrington, CEO RealRider

"As a producer of a daily variety show, I have met my share of impersonators and Evan happens to be, hands-down, the best one I've ever seen. His professionalism happens to be on par with his talent which is why working with him is of the utmost pleasure."

Marc Morgan, Former Producer of Playboy Morning Show

" Many people doing double takes- he was that good! "

Neil Zaman- Senior Vice President, World Wide Field Operations at Cadence Design Systems

Evan was so fun to work with. His professionalism and talent rocked our event. 

- Jon Silvers, Atlassian 


"I'd be hard pressed to find a better Tom Cruise impersonator than Evan Ferrante. He doesn't just mimic Cruise, he embodies Cruise. It's an absolute wonder to behold."

Brian Lieberman- Talent Manager, COLLECTIVE DIGITAL STUDIO


"When I produced my last film I wanted the funniest people I knew in it and was lucky to have Evan do his Tom Cruise impersonation which had the whole cast and crew in stitches from laughing so hard!"

Brian Drolet, Creator and Star of Dumbbells

"I'm certain we wouldn't have had the success we did if Evan Ferrante hadn't played TC. In fact, having Evan play Tom Cruise was honestly better than having the actual Tom Cruise. People clicked and recliked to his his amazing performance."

Richie Keen- Director, Tom Cruise is a Cock Block, It's Always Sunny in Philadeplphia, Fist Fight

Everyone did a double take when Not Tom Cruise boarded the SS Jeremiah O'Brien on the night of our fleet week Battleship SF party. He strode down the deck, mingling and shaking hands, making our 500 plus guests feel like they were in a scene straight out of Top Gun. He was a top highlight that night, the secret sauce of the party. 

Emory Al IMan, Partner Stag Dining Group

“As far as I am concerned, Evan is an even better Tom Cruise than the ACTUAL Tom Cruise!"

Chris  Williams, CHIEF AUDIENCE OFFICER, Maker Studios

"Evan consistently brought the goods. He delivered time and time again. As far as Tom Cruise impersonator's go, Evan is my go to. Always has, always will be. ?

Will Keenan, President of StreamUp

"We hired Evan to shoot some ads for our recruitment company. He was extremely professional, and the performance that he gave was a lot better than I expected it to be. I highly recommend his services"

George Wauchope, CEO, HIRAGO

"We didn't know what to expect when we flew the world's greatest tom Cruise impersonator to visit our plant in Indiana and spread the all-important message of safety to our employees. We've never hired an impersonator, let alone an entertainer before. But when Evan stepped through our doors dressed head to toe as Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible, flashing his million dollar smile, we knew we had made the right choice. From the videos he made us to his personal touch while interacting with our team members, it was an amazing experience. We can't wait to work with Evan Ferrante again!"

Bobby Curl, Safety Specialist, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana 

Evan is completely brilliant, not only does he take impersonation to an Olympic level, he has a sharp eye for comedy, a complete professional, and a joy to work with.  To quote Tom/Evan, he's thee best. Yeah! '  

​          Ben Cook, Director, "Lookalikes", Channel 4


Incredible! Evan is a true professional and so talented, creative and funny. I trusted him and his instincts when he developed FAMOUS magazines’ ‘Day In The Life of Tom Cruise’ video series and as a result we got incredible cut through and engagement.

I rate him as one of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with and highly recommend him.

Kathy Glavas, Marketing Director, Pacific Magazines

          EVAN FERRANTE is

“Evan recently acted as emcee for a large corporate sales meeting we produced.  Not only did Evan provide great entertainment and energy for the meeting with his talent to replicate the presence of Mr. Cruise, but he also worked with us before and during the meeting to help develop content that was particular to our meeting and the messaging we were tasked to deliver.  And he presented that messaging in an effective and engaging manner.”

- Jim Alvey, Alvey Media Group.

" Best money I ever spent. Hired a professional Tom Cruise impersonator to promote my record label. "

Brame and Hamo, Musician/Band


"When we decided on a Tom Cruise/Top Gun theme for our holiday party, we needed an MC to bring all the elements of the event together. Evan was the perfect fit. He worked the room and had nearly everyone wondering if Tom himself had made an appearance. His good nature put everyone in the perfect spirit and left all our guests wanting to rush home and watch Tom Cruise movies."

John Rosenberg, President, gnet